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Our team of caring professionals at Smart Dental are here to make going to the dentist as easy and comfortable as possible. We have a dedicated team of caring people that help our patients take a smart step towards a healthy smile.

Through a commitment to patient education, our doctor, dental hygienists, and assistants empower patients to achieve their best oral health.

our team at Smart Dental cares for you
our team lead by Dr. Tamim Sifri

Dr. Tamim Sifri

Dentist & President

The Smart Dental team is led by Dr. Sifri who was recently inducted into the Pierre Fauchard Academy an International Honor Organization for Dentists.

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Shane—Office Manager

"I'm the first face you will see at the front desk."

My first job was...
a cart pusher at Sam's Club.

Fun fact about me:
I've been to two NCAA Final Four Tourneys.

Why are you pursuing a dental profession?
I enjoy the interpersonal contact with patients.

Sarah Smart Dental Team

Sarah—Dental Hygienist

"You will see me in Room #1 treating patients."

My first job was...
a waitress at Happy Joe's Pizza.

Fun fact about me:
I grew up on a horse ranch.

Why are you pursuing a dental profession?
I love helping patients have beautiful smiles.

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