The Smart Dental office has now re-opened for both urgent and non-urgent dental care. Our team of professionals cares about your health and safety.

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Appointments Available

No matter what your circumstances are, Smart Dental has all your dental needs covered. Connect with us below if you fall into one of the following three categories.

Emergency Dental Care

Please connect with us if you have experienced a dental concern and have been avoiding contacting us. This includes patients with chipped or cracked teeth or fillings and also includes untreated dental disease (untreated tooth decay or gum disease).

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Routine Dental Visit

Please connect with us. We will be re-scheduling routine preventive visits beginning in early June. We had to cancel over 400 appointments, so your patience is greatly appreciated. We will be proactively reaching out to everyone who's appointment was cancelled. However, if you are motivated to resume care now, please connect with us! In the mean time, you can now connect with us easier than ever and can begin to update your Medical History, Patient Info, Privacy Forms & Insurance forms electronically.

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Virtual Dental Visit

If you are at high risk of COVID-19 complications or otherwise not ready to venture out of the house, we are available. Dr. Sifri is now scheduling virtual dental visits. While a definitive diagnosis and plan of care can't always be formulated virtually, we will assist patients in ruling out bigger concerns and determining if delaying treatment is still feasible.

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If you reserved a check-up prior to the Covid-19 pandemic and are not quite ready to resume routine dental care, please connect with us so know so we may make your appointment available to someone else.

We are proud to be celebrating 10 years of exceptional care as one of the top dentists in Madison WI!

Live Smarter

At Smart Dental we believe that an educated patient is an empowered patient. And we work hard to ensure a healthy smile for all of our patients.

Top Dentist Dr. Tamim Sifri

Patients Agree

Smart Dental has been consistently named one of the Best Dentists in Madison WI by the readers of the Isthmus News.

Smart Dental patients love madison's family dentists
“Dr. Sifri is awesome. I know he is always going to tell me honestly what I need to do for my teeth. He really has my overall health in his best interest. I love the fact that if I have random questions I can post them on the Smart Dental Facebook page and he always gets me answers right away too.”
Melissa V.
Smart Dental Patient

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What makes Smart Dental one of the top dentists in Madison WI? Our hallmark is our commitment to educating our patients with the tools to improve their dental health. Through this educational approach to care, we empower our patients with the knowledge to create and maintain healthy and beautiful smiles. From professional cleanings and advanced services like fillings and crowns, we provide comprehensive dental services that fill all your short and long term dental needs. Request an appointment today with one of the best dentists in Madison.